Protecting Yourself from Tax Relief Scams.

William McConnaughy, The Tax Aid Guru, is directed by William McConnaughy himself. He is a Certified Public Accountant, Master Science Taxation, and a former IRS Revenue Agent. With 28 years in the tax industry, we’ve heard or seen pretty much every sort of fake tax relief scheme — heartbreaking instances of our most vulnerable citizens: the elderly, single parents, the infirm, young couples, and many others — all being ripped off by heartless predators preying on anyone unfortunate enough to come into contact with them.

Thus, we have put up this material to educate consumers about the very real crimes being committed against people just like yourself. Hundreds of thousands of people have lost tens of thousands of dollars to fly-by-night businesses that prey on individuals in serious need of tax relief services.

15 Red Flags to Watch out For On Your Search.

So let us ask you something: Would you go into medical operation without asking about your physician ’s credentials? Most of us wouldn’t dream of it. And we should be just as cautious before we hand over our cash into a commission paid salesperson trying to make a speedy and effortless dollar by blowing smoke into your face about taxation relief services.

Along with certificate, there a number of other factors you should consider, including:

1. Anonymous company ownership – What sort of company doesn’t want you to know who the owners are? And why? Could you afford to take a chance on some strange personality hiding in the shadows, afraid to let you know their name, or even visit their face? Fraudulent tax relief businesses don’t want you to think of questions like that, and like these.

2. Unlicensed company ownership – When the company owners are not licensed, and highly experienced tax professionals, what business do they have managing a tax relief enterprise? Are you really going to put your own life in the control of taxation relief amateurs? Online advertising slicksters?

3. Unlisted or virtual company place – Why do they not want you to know where they are situated? Big red flag! Are you really going to send your cash into a hidden boiler room?

4. Unknown expert staff with unknown or unproven expertise – Do you want just anyone handling this vital support for you personally? Don’t you want to know who’s working for you? And their credentials and track record in doing this? Don’Can you feel you deserve much better support than a newbie, a cub attorney, or other bottom of the barrel help? Your life in the hands of an under-qualified greenhorn rookie?

5. No history – The company can not establish the length tax relief for essential workers of time they have been providing tax relief services. Sure indication of a here today and gone tomorrow, fly-by-night operator. In our years of experience, we have seen literally hundreds of companies, large and small, rise and fall. Don’t take a chance with someone who plans on shutting the doors and disconnecting the phones soon. They will not give back your money to you.

6. Double digit complaint record – Even the best run and squeaky clean company can find a complaint on occasion because of misunderstanding or an irrational customer. A double digit number of complaints spells trouble. Unethical or incompetent direction. Or both. With your cash at stake?

7. Usage of fraudulent tax relief review or referral websites – Listing themselves as a favorite tax relief provider on a secretly self-propagated review website, of paying a fee to be listed on just one not possessed. Lack of integrity in advertising generally means lack of integrity period. And ask yourself why a business operator would stoop to sneaky sales strategies? Is that a sign they will be sneaky in dealing with you?

8. Meaningless sales puffery – Utilization of hot air to reel you , for example. As Seen On TV, The Most Trusted, Nation’s Greatest, Most Beautiful, Industry Pioneer, blah, blah, blah. You’ve discovered this stuff a million times. Simply tune it out, and take the baloney using a grain of salt.

9. The use of mass media (TV/radio) commercials – Guess who has to pay for this extra layer of business overhead packaged with misrepresentations and outright lies? Which results in.

10. Excessive prices – Any company needing greater than $5,000 for a full service representation engagement is ripping you off. Period. Believe , these fraudsters will shamelessly take you for whatever they could, if you fall for their con tasks.

11. Cold calling – Having telemarketers make uninvited sales calls to your house or workplace.

12. What’s their refund policy? If they could ’t help you, do they provide all of your money back? Most reputable tax relief professionals possess a full money back guarantee. Online advertising sales snakes don’t.

13. The use of cleverly worded contracts which make you think 1 thing, but wind up believing something very different. To your detriment. A fool and his money are soon parted. Or. These people today mean to play with you as a rube. Likewise in their low prices which prove to be only for limited services. These people are LIARS.

14. Does the company talk in their "affiliates" or even "partners "? If so, they may be a lead generation company — which means they market you and your personal info to the maximum bidder, who may or may not be a skilled or ethical tax practitioner. Or perhaps not a tax professional at all, but instead an internet fraudster looking to prey in an uninformed individual desperate to get help and at a really vulnerable position.

15. High pressure sales tactics – Arm twisting, brow beating, and fear mongering are not the ways by which actual tax professionals can win your confidence and business. If you’re thinking about signing up with a company just so they will quit calling you all of the time and stressing you out. watch out. In the event the so-called "Advisor " comes off to you like some sort of a pushy jerk, guess what. You’re on to them!

Avoiding These Situations Altogether.

We don’t dabble with any one of these cheap tactics. We supply the best results in the industry at the lowest prices, and we guarantee security levies. Don’t gamble with your cash, or your life, by going anyplace else for this crucial support. Contact us today and show the tax relief hustlers that you ‘re too smart to fall for their schemes.

Reach our workplace today by calling -LRB-888-RRB- 225-1272 or submitting an internet contact form!

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